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Pilot Type Roller Hearth Kiln

The Roller Hearth Kiln aims for either commercial production or R&D, which require high performance sintering process under air or compressed dry air atmosphere. Its economic size makes the production control effective and variable. The clients can handle various types of materials by easily changing their operating conditions.

The leading companies who pursue sound and reliable sintering process in electronic materials, cathode active and anode active materials of secondary battery, fine ceramics and special ceramic materials are recommended to use the ONEJOON-Roller Hearth Kiln with commercially proven technology.


  • model: PGRK1516
  • max. temperature: 1,350 ℃
  • temperature precision: ±3 ℃
  • atmosphere: N2, H2, Air
  • heating source: SiC Heater


  • for various research and development
  • heat treatment of several electronic materials
  • sintering of powder materials such as lithium battery materials and phosphors
  • sintering of Fine Ceramic and different special ceramic products
Total Length3680 mm
Furnace Length1600 mm
Total Width1250 mm
Effective Size250 W x 50 H 
ZoneHeating 8 Cooling 2
Transfer Speed1-23 hr
Loading WeightStandard: Saggar 1 Layer Option: Saggar Setter 2 or more stacking
Test Center Germany
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