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Kilns & capabilities from Test Center Germany

Test Kiln „Multifunctional Kiln“

Technical Highlights:

  • verstile functions
  • gas preheating and gas humidification
  • cooling zones at the inlet and outlet
  • use as conveyor belt or push-through oven possible
Technical Details:
AtmosphereAir, inert gas, burnable gas
Temperature-Zone 1-3Up to 700 °C
Temperature-Zone 4-6Up to 1000 °C
Number of seperately controllable heating zones 6
Heated length per kiln segmentApprox. 4400 mm
Muffle profileWidth approx.  500mm Height approx. 200mm

Test Kiln „Rotary Drum Furnace“

Our gas-tight test rotary drum furnace, with a heated length of 3,000 mm, a diameter of 300 mm and a maximum furnace temperature of 1,100 °C, offers a wide range of test possibilities for short and long-term tests under production-like conditions. Upscaling from laboratory scale to production scale is therefore also possible.

In addition to tests under oxygen atmosphere, it is also possible to carry out tests under protective gas atmospheres such as nitrogen or hydrogen. The rotating tube is made of high-quality Inconell and can be replaced at the customer's request.

An automatic filling device allows a continuous operation of the system. Dwell times and throughputs can be additionally controlled by a pneumatically operated height adjustment.

In addition, ONEJOON has various test benches to continuously develop essential components of the furnace technology.

For example, new insights into the flow behavior and exhaust gas composition of different burner systems in the boiler room can be gained at our burner test stand. Furthermore, it is possible to examine the resistance of our sealing system under different operating conditions in long-term tests and also to check the effects of pressure changes.

Test Kiln „Rotary Drum Furnace“
Technical Details:
Rotating tube materialInconel, other materials possible by request
Rotating tube diameterapprox. 300 mm
Heated rotary tube lengthApprox. 3.000 mm
Max. Temperature1,100°C
AtmosphereAir, Nitrogen, Hydrogen
Controlled temperature zones3

Test Kiln „ARIANE 3000“

Technical Highlights:

  • temperature up to 3,000°C
Test Kiln „ARIANE 3000“
Technical Details:
Max. Temperature3000 °C
Possible AtmospheresNitrogen, Argon
Crucible SizeDiameter 34 mm Height 120mm

Test Kiln „E2E Carbon Fiber Oxidation Oven“

Technical Highlights:

  • new developed process E2E (= End to End)
  • incorporated hybrid heating system without adding to oven footprint
  • only one air circulation zone
  • greater range of catenary sags allowed
Test Kiln „E2E Carbon Fiber Oxidation Oven“
Technical Details:
Heated length13 m
Working width3 m
No of passes10 passes
Air velocity2.5 – 3.5 m/s
HeatingHybrid (gas and electric)

Thermal Oxidation

In order to protect the environment, we attach great importance to effective exhaust gas treatment in our tests. Our thermal oxidation plants thus ensure compliance with the given emission limits, stable processes and maximum safety in all operating conditions.

Thermal Oxidation
Technical Details:
min. volume flow rate380 Nm3/h
max. volume flow rate 950 Nm3/h
Combustion temperature 950°C

Product carriers / Sagger / Trays

Our ovens can be equipped with the most different product carriers / saggers / trays. Shape, size and materials (e.g. aluminium oxide, silicium carbide, stainless steel) are individually adapted to the process.

Different product carriers / saggers / trays
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