We support you in the development of your
new products and processes.

One Team – One Vision

When it comes to the development of new products and processes, the staff of the Test Center are at the forefront of technology. Our team of young, dynamic engineers from various technical fields is not afraid to break new ground. Together with you, we want to develop the heat treatment processes of tomorrow. To achieve this, we diligently work on the development of sustainable, reliable and innovative technologies.

Your Vision – Our Support

The Test Center of ONEJOON is your partner for the improvement of advanced thermal processes and product development. For the continuous improvement of your innovation, you can take advantage of our expertise in the field of thermal processes and use our test furnaces for your field trials or scaling up of your trials.


From trial to production scale we have a wide variety of continuous and batch equipment available. In addition to our facilities, we can perform a wide range of measurements to monitor the processes in real time. 

In addition to data measurements, our experts can create CFD simulations to shorten the design process or to quickly review the practical tests.
Also in the trials, we use our extensive experience and know how in terms of thermal processes to meet the highest of quality and safety requirements.


We would like to collaborate with you to achieve your desired outcomes in an effort to optimize your process and production targets. Our goal is to discover the individually adapted solutions for our customers and to assist with implementing them into your production environment.

Examples for testing materials


  • Battery powders
  • Powder metals
  • Powder chemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Carbon fibers
  • Aluminium heat treatment
  • Organic materials
  • and much more
ONEJOON Test Center - Process / Temperature Profiles

Your Benefits and Advantages

  • tap into our knowledge expertise during the development and optimization of thermal processes
  • optimize your production processes by performing tests among realistic conditions leaving you free to focus entirely on the development of your products
  • continuous development and improvement of our products
  • investment and reduction of operating costs by optimizing systems and consumption
  • optimization of processes for a better quality of the products
  • risk reduction by pretests with original parts
  • customer trail tests for optimizing of products and processes
  • trust building due to cooperation with customer

Test Center Germany

In our Test Center at the Bovenden site, numerous test furnaces and measuring technology are available to you.

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Test Center Korea

In our Test Center at the Hwaseong site, we offer you the opportunity to conduct trials on heat treatment of various electronic materials, sintering of powder materials, fine ceramics and various specialty ceramics products.

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