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Energy balancing of furnaces and thermoprocessing plants

Save energy and protect the environment at the same time

Do you know the exact energy consumption and energy loss of your furnace?

Our experts will show you how to use the energy flows of your production process in such a way that the expenditure of energy resources is minimized and the climate and environmental impact is reduced by lower C0² emissions.

As part of a comprehensive plant analysis, we record the current situation of your kiln plant and determine the primary energy inflows and losses. The existing plant potential is transparently shown on the basis of a clear energy balance. The energy balance also shows specific losses, such as thermal bridges and exhaust air flows, and the efficiency of your plant.

On the basis of the energy balance

  • increase the efficiency of your furnace system
  • identify the cost drivers 
  • reduce operating costs in the long term

Your benefits

  • Together we optimize your processes, thereby increasing the performance of your plant and reducing operating costs in the long term
  • We show you the possibilities to ensure the energy efficiency of your production processes and to reduce the unit costs
  • During the check of your plants we already make first optimizations. This includes, for example, the adjustment of the positions of individual air flaps or the setting of heating zones
  • Possibility to compare the system via the thermal efficiency
  • Improved understanding of your plant and identification of the main energy consumers

Our services

  • Plant analysis by our experts for process engineering
  • Recording of all energy flows (inflows and losses) acting on the kiln to determine the main loss flows, their causes and to determine the specific energy consumption (kwh/kg). This includes the thermal, furnace and thermotechnical consumption as well as specific losses of your industrial furnace. For this purpose, we record the energy losses through exhaust gas, exhaust air, transmission and exit and relate these to the product throughput
  • Optimization of your plant: Based on the key figures, we define various concepts to optimally utilize the potential of your plants while reducing losses
  • Joint result evaluation of the developed concepts for performance improvement and cost reduction by means of a cost-benefit analysis. This includes an economic and technical evaluation as well as next steps and implementation possibilities

Our service portfolio at a glance

Spare Parts

Spare parts from ONEJOON - precise, safe and reliable!

As a plant manufacturer ONEJOON knows exactly how important the high-quality spare parts supply is for your productivity.

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Software and controls

Always up to date

Our software and control specialists keep your furnace systems always up to date with the latest technical standards.

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Conversions and modifications

Plant modernization & optimization - so that it runs better

ONEJOON-Service is the right partner when an adaptation to new production requirements becomes necessary.

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Customer service, maintenance & revision

On the safe side

To ensure that your production processes run smoothly, our qualified engineers and process technicians take over the maintenance, servicing, safety checks and regular inspections of your systems.

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