Sintered Ceramics & Metals
Sintered Ceramics & Metals Special Components Continuous and discontinuous
Heat Treatment of special components
Sintered Ceramics & Metals
Sintered Ceramics & Metals Turn-Key Production Systems for a temperature range from 200 °C to 3,000 °C
Sintered Ceramics & Metals
Sintered Ceramics & Metals Customised kilns & furnaces for demanding components and processes

Continuous and discontinuous heat treatment

Specially manufactured high-performance kilns and furnaces for special components

Based on our wide product portfolio, our engineers ensure the best combination out of economical and technical considerations. 

"We can look back on a success story of more than 120 years in furnace construction. Our track record contains a vast variety of special components."

ONEJOON engineers have first hand experience with the following components: 

  • ceramic and carbon fiber enforced disk brakes
  • a wiede variety of electronic parts (either ceramic or metallic e.g. varistors, O2 Sensors, isolators)
  • high porosity honeycombs and filter ceramics
  • vaious refractory materials (fibers, high density bricks, muffles)
  • catalysts (honeycombs and active material)
  • ceramic fibers (black and white)
  • ceramics thin films (fuels cells and functional ceramics)
  • ceramic pipes
  • ceramic filters and fiber boards
  • glass ceramic
  • components for medical applications
  • fuel cell stacks
  • kiln furnitures (e.g. plates, capsules, saggars, ...)
  • Hard- and Softferrites
  • Piezoceramics
  • Rotorblades 
  • special Powder Metal components (synchronizer hubs, gear weehls)
  • and many more

You are running a small series production but you want to develop a sustainable large scale production process?
ONEJOON is your partner for process improvement and upscaling from laboratory into industrial production. Learn more.

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We are waiting for your special component - our engineers will develop a customised furnace and a process according to your needs.

Processes for special components

With our equipment, we enable the most diverse processes in the temperature range
from 100 °C to 3,000 °C.

Attached you will find only an extract of our process experience: 

More Information

Plant engineering
Plant engineering

Industrial furnaces for continuous and discontinuous operation

ONEJOON offers the full scope of Kilns and Furnaces for continuous and discontinuous operation.
With our gas tight systems we can run almost every atmosphere you can think of. 

Common kilns and furnaces for special components:

In close consideration of throughput, process stability, Investment Costs, Total Cost of Ownership or redundancy we discuss the right kiln type for your purpose. 

More detailed information about our kiln types you will find under Kilns & Furnaces.


Traditionally ONEJOON is a Turn-Key kiln supplier. The efficient integration of our furnaces is therefore a top priority. Together with our customers' production managers we discuss and develop an integrated automation- and conveyor concept, starting from simple but fully automated return tracks up to data based single product tracking solutions. 



Individual furnace systems for your special components

Just because every customer has special requirements

Together with our customers, we develop new furnace concepts and then reproduce them in an initial engineering contract. Especially for new developments, this approach in connection with further tests and simulations offers the possibility of risk minimization and time savings in longer-term decision phases.

Our engineers and process technicians are able to develop solutions for pure furnace concepts as well as for turnkey projects. We are also happy to take over the modification and optimization of existing plants for you. The respective scope and degree of detail are to be agreed on a project-specific basis.

Together with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your special component. Worldwide.

  • selection of the suitable plant concept and furnace type
  • definition of the scope of delivery
  • design of the system based on your specification
  • configuration of the system from standardised components as well as customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept and Preparation of the offer
  • design and project management by our specialists
  • worldwide shipping
  • assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location
  • management and supervision of the installation by German, American or Korean specialists
  • commissioning and process adjustment by our engineers for process engineering
  • preparation of the operating and maintenance instructions and the CE declaration of conformity
  • production support, if desired
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!

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Our references

Satisfied customers - the best proof for successful and long-standing partnerships!

Chamber furnace for fiber based filters


  • Customer: Rath
  • Product: fiber based filters
  • scope of delivery: chamber furnace, Post Combustion, flue gas scrubber, Software
  • year of construction: 2018
  • special interest: special debinding process with critical exhaust gases, engineering of appropriate exhaust gas treatment system
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