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ONEJOON “One Solution” Hybridofen
ONEJOON “One Solution” Hybridofen World Class Process Control and Production Quality

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for advanced high temperature powder metal sintering

A trend that holds true today. 

Continuous sintering furnaces are employed for high-volume production in the powder metallurgy industry.
However, early models lacked flexibility and energy efficiency, prompting many manufacturers of Powder Metal and Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) parts to deploy batch furnaces.

ONEJOON has developed the modularized Kiln “One Solution” that exploits the full potential of continuous furnace technology. Thus enabling customers to economically produce high quality sintering parts. 

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Complex debinding and sintering processes

a vital role in the powder metallurgy industry

The first debinding step removes most of the binder, creating open pores in the component. The residual binder is removed in a second step by means of thermal degradation. As this generally takes place during the sintering cycle, it is essential to ensure that no binder remains before sintering closes the pores. Components with defects incurred during sintering cannot be recycled, resulting in complete loss of the material. Consequently, precise control of conditions is essential.

Traditional powder metallurgy process

In a first step the powder metal parts are pressed in a mould to obtain their basic shape. For a homogeneous green body so called binders are added to the powder. These binders also work as lubricant in the forming process. However, the binders have to be removed before the products can be sintered. This debinding process is done in the first kiln zone (debinding or delubing zone). In the following high temperature zone the powder metal parts are sinterd at temperatures shortly below the melting point. Metal Oxides are being reduced and the carbon content is controlled and adjusted. All process steps are run under protective atmosphere, a combination of Nitrogen and Hydrogen or endogas. 
At least the powder metal parts are cooled down. This can be either done via a direct rapid cooling system to achieve high degrees of hardness or via an indirect slow cooling system. An optional and additional tempering process is normally done in a tempering furnace. 

Metal injection moulding process

The current state-of-the-art is a combined process, comprising secondary debinding and high-temperature sintering. Key challenges include the complete removal of utiliresidual binder (e.g. via an additional, upstream debinding step), carbon control, oxygen reduction, precisely controlled shrinkage and optimum diffusion.

Injecting the feedstock (a mixture of metal and additives heated to a liquid state) into a closed mold produces a green part that consists of approximately 60 % metal powder and 40 % binder. During the first debinding step, thermal treatment and a catalytic reaction, or a solvent, reduces binder content to 5 %. The resulting brown part has a porosity of 35 %.

Secondary debinding at temperatures between 200–600 °C, and sintering at 1200–1360 °C in various atmospheres (vacuum, nitrogen, hydrogen and/or argon), converts the brown part into the finished component with a porosity of less than 2 %.

"The ONEJOON modularized kiln concept “One Solution” allows the combination of all processes in one continuous furnace-  for Powder Metal as well as for MIM parts."
Plant engineering

The modularised kiln system "One Solution"

the most economical solution for both, conventional sintering
and high temperature sintering

The Kilns System "One Solution" can either be designed as traditional roller hearth kiln or as a combination out of pusher kiln and roller hearth kiln. It is the most flexible and modularized solution for powder metallurgy on the market. 

Thanks to an active dewaxing atmosphere, fully monitored and regulated sintering atmospheres and our latest generation of rapid cooling our customers can produce complex parts with high dimensional accuracy and best metallurgical properties.

Advantages at a glance

Directly fired dewaxing

  • active dewaxing
  • efficient clean dewaxing
  • reduced heat-up time
  • compact design

Advanced rapid cooling

  • cooling rates up to 6 K/s
  • homogeneous cooling
  • single fan design
  • low maintenance

Your additional benefits

  • high quality
  • up to 680 kg/hr
  • reproducibility
  • perfect atmosphere control
  • best temperature control
  • easy automation
  • high safety standards
  • extensive process know-how
  • high technical support by young process specialists

One Solution - a combined kiln with pusher track and roller conveyor

for the powder metal industry available as Roller Hearth Kiln or Hybrid Kiln

Roller Hearth Furnace

Fast firing with ideal temperature control

Highlights of the ONEJOON roller hearth furnace:

  • absolute gas-tight design
  • high temperature sluice for temperatures up to 1400 °C in continuous processes
  • quick cooling, water cooling, indirect and direct process gas cooling
  • heated with gas, electric or hybrid

Thanks to our worldwide locations we deliver our roller furnaces to your production site quickely and reliably.

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Hybrid Furnace "One Solution"

Intelligent combination of the advantages of the roller furnace and pusher plate furnace

The ONEJOON hybrid furnace combines the advantages of the roller hearth furnace and pusher slab furnace in an intelligent way.

In this short video, we will demonstrate the function to you and explain the outstanding technical features of this furnace type.


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Our services

Individual furnace systems for your components

Just because every customer has special requirements

Together with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your powder metals. Worldwide.

  • selection of the suitable plant concept and furnace type
  • definition of the scope of delivery
  • design of the system based on your specification
  • configuration of the system from standardised components as well as customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept and Preparation of the offer
  • design and project management by our specialists
  • worldwide shipping
  • assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location
  • management and supervision of the installation by German, American or Korean specialists
  • commissioning and process adjustment by our engineers for process engineering
  • preparation of the operating and maintenance instructions and the CE declaration of conformity
  • production support, if desired
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!

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Gasdichter Rollenofen zum Sintern von Pulvermetallbauteilen Dates & Facts
  • customer: European manufacturer of powder metal components for the automotive industry
  • product: synchronize hubs
  • plant: gas-tight roller furnace, shot cooling, automatic return
  • year of construction: 2011
  • quantity: 2 ovens
  • scope of supply: plant design, engineering, construction, construction, installation at the customer's site, commissioning
Gasdichter Rollenofen zum Sintern von Pulvermetallbauteilen Dates & Facts
  • customer: German manufacturer of powder metal components 
  • product: Automotive
  • plant: gas-tight roller furnace, shot cooling, modularized and improved ONEJOON software
  • year of construction: 2019
  • scope of supply: plant design, engineering, construction, construction, installation at the customer's site, commissioning
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ONEJOON “One Solution” Hybrid Kiln
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