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Thermal Solutions for Tire Pyrolysis

Advanced thermal processing equipment for recovered carbon black (rCB)

Market Insight

Recent announcements regarding fixed purchase volumes by large end consumers such as Michelin and BASF indicate the new role of recovered Carbon Black (rCB). It transitions from a commodity to a premium product and increasingly serves as a substitute and supplement to highly engineered Carbon Black. With the increased maturity of pyrolysis plants, rCB is now an ecologic as much as an economical alternative for the chemical and tire industry. This trend will likely increase due to the resolution of the Bundestag to amend the Recycling Management Act as well as the risen environmental awareness of the public, holding companies accountable to their carbon footprint. 

As with most products and new production processes crossing the chasm, the new role results in stricter requirements regarding rCB quality, plant throughput, and supply reliability. This implicates a need for advanced production equipment, reliable partners, and suppliers. In terms of plant investment, this materializes in a shift towards higher CAPEX and lower OPEX. 

Service Value Proposition

For over 100 years now, we are a reliable partner and thermal equipment provider for customers that develop or scale up their processes. Hence, we know how crucial proven technology, general contractors, and experienced suppliers are to secure investments into new plant projects, especially in the tire pyrolysis business. 

As a globally operating thermal solution specialist with offices on three continents and multiple reference plants across industries, ONEJOON frequently provides turnkey solutions for project sizes of up to 50 million Euro. Our philosophy is to move beyond supplying technology and become a trusted partner that innovates alongside our customers and provides process knowledge to build cutting-edge thermal treatment. That is why we created our in-house test center where all our knowledge and products are physically brought together, to provide the best possible conditions for innovating.

Product Value Proposition

ONEJOON´s equipment is designed and optimized for markets and applications requiring high levels of kiln quality, system availability, process safety, heat-treatment homogeneity, and product quality. As these requirements increasingly match those of the tire pyrolysis market, we are confident that our advanced thermal processing equipment and clean process handling provide our customers with a competitive advantage. 

Based on our accumulated experience with pyrolysis in the chemical and tire industry, we engineered product features that tackle the industry’s most prominent issues.

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Your benefits at a glance

To balance the current market needs with the apparent market developments, our Rotary Kiln is desigend to run both continuous and discontinuous (batch-process).

Our sealing system is designed to safely heat-treat hazardous and carcinogenic substances by preventing particle or gas emissions. This allows our customers to run a clean process, minimize interfering factors, reduce the environmental impacts of their production, operate in clean facilities, and adhere to strict emission limits.

Our Rotary Kiln components and process parameters are designed to prevent or minimize the build-up of fouling. Based on our expertise in the heat treatment of substances requiring contamination-free environments, we designed our kiln components to be self-cleaning and accommodate effective and swift maintenance and cleaning.

As we provide equipment for major chemical and automotive companies, availability and efficient maintenance are essential. Therefore, we use mechanical and CFD simulations to maximize system availability and process performance. We furthermore engineered our insulation and heads in a way that prevents condensation and fouling by eliminating cold spots. 

Our Solution for Tire Pyrolysis

Rotary Drum Furnaces

ONEJOON Rotary Drum Furnaces can be used for the thermal treatment of various products. They are used in the chemical industry, disposal (e.g. asbestos), recycling (e.g. car tires and used batteries), energy storage (e.g. production of anode material) and water treatment.

More Information

Our services

Consulting, service, furnace construction and much more.
Just because every customer has special requirements.

Together with our customers, we develop new furnace concepts and then reproduce them in an initial engineering contract. Especially for new developments, this approach in connection with further tests and simulations offers the possibility of risk minimization and time savings in longer-term decision phases.

Our engineers and process technicians are able to develop solutions for pure furnace concepts as well as for turnkey projects. We are also happy to take over the modification and optimization of existing plants for you. The respective scope and degree of detail are to be agreed on a project-specific basis.

Together with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your request.

  • definition of the scope of delivery
  • design of the system based on your specifications
  • configuration of the system from standardised components, customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept
  • preparation of the offer
  • design, production and testing of the system in our factory
  • shipping, assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location around the globe
  • preparation of the plant documentation and the CE declaration of conformity
  • poduction support
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs, measurements
  • network to adjacent processes

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!

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Learn more?

We look forward to your call!

You would like to learn more about us, our products and your possibilities? We would be pleased to show you in a personal appointment what we can do for you.

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