Powders & Advanced Materials
Powders & Advanced Materials

Heat treatment of powder materials

Kilns and Furnaces for high end processing of powders

Powder and Powder Chemistry

Industrial furnace processes for powders and powder chemistry are versatile and demanding. ONEJOON is targeting both challenges, the process requirements and also the powder handling. The focus is on important issues such as process stability, the connection to upstream and downstream units and, of course, the safety of the entire plant.

Raw materials that enter the furnace in liquid form, as syrup, as powder or granulate are equally demanding as the processes, like pyrolysis, calcination or carbonization.  
Before, during and after the thermal process, the specific properties often change, sometimes several times:

  • toxic or non-toxic
  • abrasive or soft
  • explosive, reactive or inert
  • adhesive or free-flowing
  • dusty or dust-free

Taking this into account, ONEJOON designs your production process and selects suitable furnaces and heat treatment plants. Crucial for this selection is e.g. the sealing system, an appropriate loading and unloading concept with connection to upstream and downstream plant technology and an integrated waste gas treatment, if necessary.

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Furnace processes for powder and powder chemistry

You will get the best out of your material!

With our customised industrial furnaces, the optimum heat treatment is achieved. For the thermal treatment of chemical powders and granulates a multitude of processes and procedures can be considered:

Plant engineering

Furnace systems, powder handling and exhaust gas cleaning

The high temperature furnace of the technology leader

Pusher Slab Kiln

Why ONEJOON is the leader in pusher plate furnace technology: 

  • maximum oven length over 40m 
  • high temperature sintering up to over 2000°C 
  • use of ceramic and metallic muffles 
  • aggressive, special or standard atmospheres 

ONEJOON has already successfully built pusher plate furnaces for almost all industries and products. Novel applications such as battery powder or thin film ceramics are our latest flagship products. 

Straightforward and very efficient

Rotary Drum Furnacce

Our rotary drum furnace is the perfect choice for all processes with high heat up gradients and high throughput. ONEJOON's patented sealing system stands for the best atmosphere purity and control. 

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Fast firing with ideal temperature control

Roller Hearth Kiln

Highlights of the ONEJOON roller hearth furnace                                             

  • Absolute gas-tight design
  • High temperature sluice for temperatures up to 1400 °C in continuous processes
  • Quick cooling, water cooling, indirect and direct process gas cooling
  • heated with gas, electric or hybrid
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Simple and robust

Tube Furnace

The tube furnace is designed for temperatures of up to 3,000°C. Powders and granulates are moving vertically through the tube while being processed. ONEJOON furnaces are available with various tube materials and atmospheres. 

Recirculation kiln for special processes

Retort Kiln

For demanding atmospheres (SiH4, H2, Mg, vacuum) and highest requirements on temperature homogeneity in reactive batch process.

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Powder Handling

Supplementary plant engineering

We attach high importance to the integration of furnaces into the complete production system. A reliable loading and unloading system is crucial for an effective and sustainable process. ONEJOON takes care of  upstream and downstream processes and can supply adequate product handling and conveying equipment, e. g. for:

  • weighing and dosing
  • filling and loading
  • cooling
  • unloading and discharging
  • crushing, milling and grinding
  • interim storage and filling
  • conveying

In some cases, various product-specific aspects have to be taken into account, e. g. prevention of oxygen, prevention of metals or explosion protection!

For this purpose ONEJOON offers many different solutions:

  • vacuum conveyor
  • vibratory feeder
  • screw conveyor
  • innertising systems and vacuum systems
  • dosing systems and weighing systems
  • crushers, rotary mills
  • cooling channels or cooling screws
  • big bag or container filling stations

ONEJOON has the expertise to design and choose the appropriate exhaust gas cleaning system.

Our expertise includes the project planning as well as the integration of:

  • Thermal oxidation plants (TO)
  • Regenerative Thermal oxidation plants (RTO)
  • DeNOx plants / denitrification plants
  • Fluorine absorbers
  • Filtration

ONEJOON offers everything from one source!

In addition to the combustion of organic components, combustible dust fractions are also burned
in the post-combustion if required.

Our serivces

Individual furnace systems for chemical powders and granulates

Because every customer has special requirements

Together with you, we work out the optimal solution for your material. Worldwide.

  • selection of the suitable plant concept and furnace type
  • defining the scope of delivery
  • design of the plant size based on your specification
  • configuration of the system from standardized components, customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept
  • creating the offer
  • design and project management by our specialists
  • shipping, assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location, worldwide
  • management and supervision of the installation by German specialists
  • commissioning and process adjustment by our process engineers
  • preparation of the operating and maintenance instructions and the CE conformity declaration
  • production support, if desired
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!

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Our service portfolio
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Test Center

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We celebrate our anniversary!

125 years of expertise in industrial furnace construction

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