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Powders and Advanced Materials From Lab to Production Your partner for optimization and upscaling of processes

Process improvement and process upscaling

From laboratory into industrial production

Benefit from over 125 years of experience in the development and construction of industrial furnaces!

Take advantage of our test center and benefit from the know-how of our simulation experts and our outstanding engineers in process development. Together, we will implement an industrial furnace system that is tailored for you and your needs.

As a high-tech company, our focus here at ONEJOON is on various high-performance components, advanced powders, special materials and sophisticated components. We are facing not only multiple but also very demanding process requirements of our customers. Our tailor-made end products nevertheless enable you to have absolutely reproducible and stable production processes.

Once the processes have been successfully validated on a laboratory scale, the challenge is to ensure the quality of the end products on a production scale level. ONEJOON has the necessary expertise and experience for this. In numerous projects, we have succeeded not only with high-quality furnace technology, but also in increasing the process quality in continuous production.

Two important success factor in plant and process design are adequate production costs and competitive investment costs. Already during the project planning phase, we create comprehensive TCO analyses with you and thus ensure that the upscaling will be a complete success from an economic perspective as well.

Your ONEJOON expert

I am Axel Weiand, your expert for powders and advanced materials, especially battery materials, here at ONEJOON.
If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I'm looking forward to your message!

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Your quality and process requirements

Industrial furnaces for your product

You are developing a high-performance component, advanced or special material, or a new powder?

We offer the appropriate furnace and process solution! Together we can make your production process not only technically reliable and reproducible, but at the same time economically beneficial.

Sample applications:
  • sensors
  • switches
  • industrial diamonds
  • energy storage
  • thin-film ceramics
  • molybdenum
  • anode material
  • carbide powder
  • catalysts
  • capacitors
  • pigments

Advantages of our ONEJOON furnace systems

If your process standards and requirements are extremely high
you’ve come to the right place with ONEJOON.

Our process technicians, process engineers and material expert have experience with:

  • temperatures from 200°C to 3,000°C
  • different atmosphere conditions: air, inert media (e.g. nitrogen or argon), reactive media (e.g. hydrogen, fuel gases, oxygen, methane, ethylene, acetylene, etc.), atmosphere separation within the furnace / process: with gas-tight high temperature sluices in the hot area or with purging sluices in the hot area
  • aggressive exhaust gases and vapors: alkalines, lead, fluorine, sulfur and other acidic exhaust gases, toxic gases, exhaust gases containing hydrocarbons
  • almost all technically feasible processes: drying, debinding, sintering, pyrolysis, passivation, activation, carbonization, enrichment, vapour deposition, graphitization
  • with process times of a few minutes up to several days
  • extremely high and extremely low gradients when heating up with different types of heat transfer (convective, thermal conductivity, radiation). We use almost all technical systems (ceramic and metallic) heating elements, tubular heating elements, microwave heating, gas burners, radiant tube burners…)when cooling indirect (radiation) cooling systems, direct (convective) cooling systems and rapid (quick) cooling systems (e.g. to achieve martensitic structures in steel materials)
ONEJOON’s areas of expertise:

  • more than 125 years of experience in industrial furnace construction
  • interdisciplinary teamwork is our passion
  • we are continuously improving our process models: ongoing comparison of test measurements, CFD simulations, laboratory analyses and final production results from the field
  • prooven track record and references
"Whatever special requirements you may have: we will jointly develop and optimise your heat treatment process!"
Axel Weiand, Vice President Sales New Business

Did you know?

ONEJOON has successfully delivered more than 1,000 plants to customers worldwide. Do you need support in planning and implementing your individual furnace system?

I will be glad to help you!

Contact me now
Axel Weiand Vice President Sales New Business +49 7031 2 38 09 -13 39 pam@onejoon.de Connect with me on LinkedIn

Process development and improvement

The path to an optimal industrial furnace for your product

As soon as we have a common understanding of the process requirements and the quality demands, the first step of our work is to develop a target concept or vision for the future optimized production process. The success factor here is a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise when upscaling complex processes with high production volumes.

Process development will be carried out in close cooperation between your material and application specialists and our experts for furnace construction and processes.

Further steps in the joint development process:

  • Preliminary tests in our Test Center or at one of our partners within our development network
  • After successful preliminary tests and the deeper understanding of the process, design studies for optimized production processes are developed.
  • We then carry out close-to-production tests in our Test Center. The tests take place on a scale similar to production. In doing so, we use, for example, furnace equipment, crucibles and capsules that match production scale. You can learn more about our laboratory furnaces and pilot furnaces on the page of our Test Center.
  • To support this, we cooperate with our partner network in order to be able to carry out laboratory analyses such as TGA analyses, 3D component measurements, crack tests, density measurements, EDS microscopy and many more.
  • We also employ suitable CFD simulation models in the process. These have already been validated during the test phase with measurements derived from the trials.
  • Finally, these measurement results, analytical models, knowledge transfer through many years of experience and simulations allow us to determine the appropriate production process with a high degree of certainty.

In process development, individual steps can be omitted as required.
However, if necessary, we will also go through the steps mentioned above iteratively.

Optimierung Bestehendes Produkt Gb890x480

A perfect heat treatment process is one part of a successful concept. ONEJOON supplies tailor-made furnace technology – including automation.

With ONEJOON, you’ll get the whole range of furnace concepts. Thus we’re able to find always the best furnace concept for you. We like to think “out of the box,” focus strictly on the developed process specifications when looking for solutions. Our challenge is to implement all specifications efficiently, reliably and controllably.

Furnace concepts:

  • Continuous: Roller, pusher, rotary, belt, tunnel
  • Discontinuous: Lift Bottom Kiln, Retort, Vacuum

>> More information

  • making demanding process atmospheres manageable
    • gas-tight locks and sluices

    • vacuum door locks
    • modular gas injection technology
    • gas-tight muffle furnaces
    • gas-tight furnaces without muffles
    • customized heating technology
  • conveyor technology / handling / automation

Ultimately, the decisive factor for success is always the sustainable profitability of the production process. The process must be reliable, reproducible, and efficient.

ONEJOON also takes your current production costs and the competitiveness of your investment costs into account during project planning and process definition with secured TCO models.

This is guaranteed by:

  • A focus on energy-efficient plant concepts – case studies and reports show that energy savings of up to 75% are possible with intelligent process optimization combined with intelligent plant design.
  • For decades, ONEJOON has been a pioneer for automated production lines with automatic loading and unloading as well as fully automated quality control and reliable single product tracking. This understanding of automation – in particular the possible disadvantages of automation, such as the failure of loading systems – has allowed us to develop systems that can cope with such shortcomings.
  • Our software engineers have been implementing pioneering solutions in the control of our furnaces for years, which enable safe production at the highest quality level even under adverse conditions. Safety and controllability of the system are a top priority.
  • Our service with locations worldwide, not only performs regular maintenance and safety inspections, but is also available online or on site with competent contact persons for troubleshooting in tricky situations. As a result, our customers can expect above-average system availability!

Do you have further questions?

I will be happy to answer them personally. Just give me a call or send me an e-mail. If you are interested, we can also arrange a visit to our production facility so that you can experience next-generation industrial furnace technology made by ONEJOON up close.

Contact me now
Axel Weiand Vice President Sales New Business +49 7031 2 38 09 -13 39 pam@onejoon.de Connect with me on LinkedIn
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More than 125 years of expertise in industrial furnace construction

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