Powders & Advanced Materials

Customised solutions for demanding high and ultra-high
temperature processes

ONEJOON is your best choice
  • for planning from prototypes to production
  • for innovative process development
  • for a trusting partnership
Industrialize your laboratory process and/or special material with ONEJOON

Whether it is a product idea or a material already secured in the laboratory or in a small series -
together with you, we define the path from laboratory scale to upscaling and mass production!

Use our process engineering know-how, our process engineers and our Test Center for joint trials. We plan your factory, help you find suppliers and calculate the total cost of ownership with you

Optimize and improve your production processes with ONEJOON engineers
  • in our Test Center and with the help of our CFD simulation
  • with ONEJOON special furnace technology proven many times in practice
Trust our expertise with proven references in the following special markets
  • heat treatment of powders
  • debinding and sintering of thin film ceramics
  • heat treatment of anode material
  • recycling of challenging waste materials
"ONEJOON masters the complete spectrum of different processes and optimally maps them according to your requirements!"
Axel Weiand, Vice President Sales New Business, ONEJOON GmbH
Optimally map and improve new and existing processes

Process upscaling and process improvement -
from laboratory to industrial production

Process and procedure development with ONEJOON engineers for the industrialization of special materials, novel materials and high-performance components. Improve and optimize your existing production processes with the help of our test center and our CFD simulation. Use the special furnace technology of ONEJOON for your individual requirements.

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Heat treatment of powders

Absolute atmosphere and process control with patented and proven ONEJOON furnace technology

We develop continuous and discontinuous furnace systems for the heat treatment of pigments, catalyst powders, special materials (such as molybdenum, silicon nitride, hard metals, etc.) and powders for electronic applications.

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Anode material

Industrial furnaces for the next generation of anode material

Our engineers develop production processes, test facilities and production furnaces with a focus on next-generation material systems, based on 

  • artificial carbon materials
  • Graphites
  • silicum-based raw material
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Technology & Processes
Process examples
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Test Center
Development and optimisation of heat treatment processes read more
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Sophisticated furnace solutions with the aid of CFD simulations read more
Heat Treatment Plants

More than 120 years experience in industrial furnace construction

Axel Weiand Vice President +49 7031 2 38 09 -13 39 pam@onejoon.de