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Blade Strips & Saw Bands Razor blades for a gentle cut with ONEJOON furnace plants

Continuous coating

of blades with PTFE

You want to coat razor blades, scalpel blades, microtome blades or other blades with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene / Teflon®)?

We supply turnkey furnace plants for the continuous coating of blades with PTFE.

With our experience from more than 120 years of industrial furnace construction and plants realised worldwide, we are the market leader for furnace plants used in continuous blade coating.


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The continuous process behind the soft coating of blades with PTFE

Razor blades and other blades are often coated with PTFE (Teflon®) for a smoother cut.

In our furnace plants, blades are coated with PTFE in the following steps:

  • provisioning of the blades on customer-specific magazines (also called "bayonets" or "swords")
  • preheating of the blades, thereby ensuring the evaporation of the solvent during coating
    alternatively, the blades can be cold coated and then dried
  • coating the blade edges with water-based PTFE; it is important that all blade edges are evenly coated
  • heat treatment (also called "sintering") under protective gas; it is important that all cutting edges are heated evenly
  • cooling under protective gas, removal of the magazines


Plant engineering

Furnace plants for the continuous coating of blades with PTFE

The furnace plant was developed for the continuous coating of blades with PTFE.
It impresses with its modular design and simple system technology.

Each individual blade magazine passes through the system under identical process conditions.
A fully automatic operation is possible through the integration of loading and unloading equipment on request.

We would be delighted to adapt the system to your wishes!

  • Stock for continuous operation

    Area for manual or fully automatic loading of the system with magazines

    • for 34 magazines (up to 200,000 blades depending on type)
    • one complete load is sufficient for approx. 1 hour of system operation
  • Efficient Preheating

    of magazines loaded with blades before coating

    • infrared heating
    • nominal temperature approx. 120 °C
    • one heating zone each above and below
    • alternatively, also suitable for drying the blades after coating
  • Fully automatic and accurate to repeat

    for spraying the blade edges with water-based PTFE solution (with alcohol-based PTFE solution on request)

    The coating unit includes:

    • spray booth
    • spray application and material supply
    • magazine handling with linear drives
    • exhaust air system
    • control
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    Atmosphere under control

    to separate the furnace atmosphere from the environment

    • meandering protective gas flushing prevents oxygen from entering the process area
    • patent-pending design
    • inclusive exhaust hood
    • oxygen sensor optional
  • Excellent insulation

    for melting and sintering the PTFE particles on the blade edges

    • rated temperature 450 °C
    • heated electrically
    • 3 heating zones
    • protective gas atmosphere in the process area
  • Simple and effective

    to cool down the blade magazines

    • water as cooling medium
    • 3 cooling zones
    • protective gas atmosphere in the process area
    • outlet sluice with exhaust hood
  • Stock for continuous operation

    Area for manual or fully automatic unloading of the system

    • for 34 magazines
    • alarm function when the maximum level is reached
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    Customized magazine holder

    for the continuous transport of the blade magazines through the furnace plant

    • uniform heat treatment of all blades 
    • suitable for magazines with a stacking length of approx. 300 mm
  • Clearly arranged instruments

    Station for manual supply of the furnace system with required media

    • cooling water
    • protective gas
  • Total control

    Station for the operation and control of the furnace system

    • Siemens touch panel
    • storage of measurements, set points and error prompts
    • different password-protected user levels
    • monitoring of plant safety
    • remote control

Technical main data

Plant dimensionsapprox. 15,5 x 2,6 x 2,7 m (L x W x H)
System weightapprox. 5 t
Effective magazine length approx. 300 mm
Throughputapprox. 34 magazines/h (corresponds to approx. 100,000 DEB blades/h)
Total loadmax. 192 magazines

Our services

Same blade – different furnace system

Just because every customer has special requirements

Together with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your request:

  • definition of the scope of supply
  • design of the plant based on your specifications
  • configuration of the plant from standardised components, customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept
  • preparation of the offer
  • design, production and testing of the plant in our factory
  • worldwide shipping
  • assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location around the globe
  • preparation of the plant documentation and the EU declaration of conformity
  • production support
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs, measurements
  • network to adjacent processes

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!

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Selected references

Satisfied customers - the best proof of successful cooperation

Furnace plants for the soft coating of razor blades Dates & Facts
  • customer: European manufacturer of blades
  • product: razor blades
  • system: furnace plant for the continuous coating of razor blades with PTFE
  • year of manufacture: 2017
  • special features: turnkey plant
  • scope of delivery: plant design, engineering, construction of the furnace plant, shipping, assembly at the customer's site, commissioning, operator training, after-sales
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