Blade Strips & Saw Bands
Blade Strips & Saw Bands Blade Strips & Saw Bands

ONEJOON – The no. 1 for hardening and tempering furnaces for thin metal strips

Blade Strips & Saw Bands

Customised solutions for industrial furnaces from conception to maintenance

The hardening and tempering of thin strip material as well as the soft coating of blade edges, places special demands on the process and on the system technology.

We at ONEJOON have decades of experience in the development and construction of customer-specific furnace plants for the continuous tempering of thin metal strips.

Whether you manufacture blade strips, saw bands or special bands:
we develop and build the ideal furnace plant for your product!

We are looking forward to taking on your special challenge!

Blade Strips

Continuous hardening and tempering of blade strips

Our solutions for the hardening and tempering of razor blades, scalpel blades, carpet knife blades or other metallic blade strips.

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Saw Bands

Continuous hardening and tempering of saw bands

Our solutions for the hardening and tempering of bimetal saw bands or other metal strips such as band knives.

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Coating of Blades

Continuous coating of blades with PTFE

Our solutions for coating razor blades, scalpel blades, microtome blades or other blades with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene / Teflon®).

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Blade Strips & Saw Bands

More than 120 years experience in industrial furnace construction

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