Continuous and discontinuous heat treatment

of cylinder heads and forged aluminum parts

You want to heat treat cast, forged or structural parts made of aluminium?
Continuously in continuous lines or batchwise in chamber furnaces?

With our decades of experience in the construction of industrial furnaces and almost one hundred plants implemented worldwide, we are the ideal partner for your requirements.

Lightweight components made of heat treatable aluminium alloys achieve their desired mechanical properties through the process steps of solution heat treatment, quenching and ageing.

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Heat treatment of aluminium parts

A large number of lightweight aluminium components are manufactured from heat treatable aluminium alloys. To achieve optimum mechanical properties, these components are heat treated. This usually comprises the three process steps solution heat treatment, quenching and ageing.

Tight temperature tolerances just below the melting temperature are therefore no problem. With our custom-made industrial furnaces, the optimum heat treatment of your workpieces is achieved.

More information about the processes solution annealing, quenching and ageing can be found >>here.

Plant Engineering

Heat treatment of cast, forged or structural aluminium parts

Plant engineering of the continuous pawl conveyor system

The workpieces are loaded into product carriers. Several product carriers can be stacked on top of each other. Slat conveyors then transport the product carriers or stacks of product carriers through the furnace. The robust conveyor technology, which uses push rods to transport the product carriers through the furnace, is characterized by high reliability, a small number of driven parts and few penetrations through the furnace walls.

Optional intermediate doors in the air-circulation furnaces prevent the zones from influencing each other and different temperature zones can be realized.

Thanks to the pawl conveyor and fans integrated in the furnace ceilings, very little space is required laterally next to the furnaces. The furnaces can therefore be arranged very flexibly in production halls. Both air and water quenching are available for quenching after solution annealing. In addition, it is possible to combine both quenching processes in one system.

For air quenching, the product carriers are unstacked in the solution annealing furnace and transported individually. The quenching of individual product carriers increases process reliability and minimizes the electrically installed power for the air quenching zone. The modular furnace concept makes it possible to put together individually tailored heat treatment systems.

Our customers use our plants to reliably produce their lightweight aluminium components.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 50 weeks a year.
Heat treatment of cylinder heads and structural parts is also possible in one plant.


Arrangement of the furnaces according to on-site conditions

  • side by side
  • one behind the other

Quenching media

  • air quenching
  • water quenching

Striking advantages of the slat conveyor system

  • very flexible use for different components
  • precise temperature control
  • different temperature zones through intermediate doors
  • high process reliability through air quenching of individual product carriers
  • internal heat recovery of the solution annealing furnace exhaust air
  • combination of air/water quenching possible

Individual furnace systems for each aluminium component

As every customer has special requirements

Together with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your product. Worldwide.

  • selection of a suitable plant concept
  • definition of the scope of delivery
  • definition of the plant size based on your specifications
  • configuration of the system from standardised components, customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept
  • preparation of the offer
  • design and project management by our specialists
  • worldwide shipping
  • assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location
  • management and supervision of the installation by German specialists
  • preparation of the operating and maintenance instructions and the CE declaration of conformity
  • production support, if desired
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!

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