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Hybrid Kiln “One Solution”

Combined Kiln Technology for perfect atmosphere control and flexible process conduction – a perfect fit for very demanding process conditions.

Our modular hybrid kiln design, which is a combination of a pusher furnace and a roller hearth kiln, allows for continuous production under stable, uniform temperature and atmosphere conditions satisfying even the highest quality requirements.

The product enters the hybrid kiln through an entrance door-lock. In the heat up and the high temperature zone the product is pushed through the furnace either in saggars / capsules or on pusher plates. A gas tight sluice allows for perfect atmosphere separation between the heating and the cooling zone. After this sluice the product saggars or support plates are conveyed on rollers until the exit door-lock. All zones can be run under different and special atmosphere conditions.


Processes of Hybrid Kiln

With ONEJOON Lift Bottom Kilns different processes can be mapped.
These include, for example: 

The modularized kiln concept "One Solution" allows the combination of two or even more different processes in just one continuous furnace.

For more details please check the Plant description.

Plant engineering

The “One Solution” Hybrid Kiln in Detail

Our Hybrid furnace is completely modularized. The different Kiln Segments and Sections can be configured (e.g. shortened, enlarged or completely left away) to match perfectly the customers’ needs concerning process and throughput.

Nummerierung Hybrid Kombi Ofen 890x480
  • Achieving targets with power and precision

    • electric pusher machine
    • precise setting of multiple speeds
    • low-maintenance and high tolerance against dust
  • Door Locks with and without vacuum generation

    • gastight and corrosion resistant
    • robust and contamination-free
    • safe and economical in gas consumption

    Perfect atmosphere exchange in the shortest possible time.

  • Pre-Heating Zone with variable Atmospheres and Temperatures:

    • reducing, Inert or Reactive atmospheres
    • flexible connection of exhaust gas flue and self cleaning device (optional)
    • temperatures up to 1,000 °C
  • Protecting process areas and products with muffles

    Depending on the temperature and atmosphere, metallic or ceramic muffles can be installed.

    The most important advantages of muffles:

    • limitation of contamination
    • improved temperature homogeneity
    • more precise local adjustment and saving of process gas
  • Full power with electric heating elements

    Depending on the atmosphere and temperature:

    • metallic elements
    • SiC elements
    • MoSi2 elements

    Electrical heating elements are a perfect fit for special atmospheres and contamination-sensitive systems.

  • High Temperature Zone with variable Atmospheres and Temperatures:

    • reducing, inert or reactive atmospheres
    • temperatures up to 1600 °C
    • temperature homogeneity of up to +- 2 °C
  • Indirect cooling system:

    • prevention of thermal stress on the product.
    • perfectly controllable cooling gradients at high temperatures
    • very economical and ecological solution with reuse of heat
  • Hot Sluice inside the furnace for perfect atmosphere separation

    • double gate lock in hot condition to separate different atmospheres
    • e. g. separation of debinding and sintering section
    • e. g. separation of quick cooling system
    • rapid transport speeds by roller conveyor system
  • Rapid (Quick) Cooling for homogeneous product cooling in order to adjust critical product properties

    • high speed gas flow: 15-25 m/s
    • circulation air volume > 10.000 m^3/h
    • cooling from 900 °C to 200 °C in less than 2 min
    • very homogenuous gas flow

    Perfect Individual adaption to customer product by CFD Simulation

  • Full cooling power to reduce the cycle time

    indirect cooling system:

    • reuse of gas and heat possible
    • proofen analytical and computational methods ensure rapid cooling and prevent thermal stress on the product.
  • Door Locks with and without vacuum generation

    • gastight and corrosion resistant
    • robust and contamination-free
    • safe and economical in gas consumption

    Perfect atmosphere exchange in the briefest possible time.

  • Atmospheres under control

    • accurate atmosphere control per segment / per zone with Homogeneous flow through the furnace
    • adjustable and controllable gas mixing devices to adjust process gas composition
    • fully automated control with electronic mass flow controllers (optional)
    • process gas pre-heating possible
  • Automated Return conveyor system as buffer and for convenient loading and unloading

    • use return line as product storage
    • flexible definition of loading and unloading areas and positions
    • full automation with robots possible

Hybrid Kiln from ONEJOON

Advantages at a glance

  • operating temperatures up to 1,600°C and more
  • temperature uniformity of ± 2°C
  • ideal conveyor setup that combines the advantages of the pusher kiln and roller kiln technology
  • muffle design for
    • reduced process gas consumption
    • best Atmosphere Quality and Control
    • optimal Temperature Uniformity
    • contamination protection
    • reduced maintenance effort
  • modularized kiln concept allows the combination of several processes in one continuous furnace
  • modularized Automation System
    • integrated Storage and Buffer Solutions
    • robotic Loading and Unloading
  • manufacturing Execution System
    • production Schedule and Recipe Management
    • part Tracking and Quality Data Storage

Technical highlights

  • vacuum double door locks at exit and entrance 
    with up to 80% process gas savings (compared to single door design)
  • hot sluice inside the furnace for perfect atmosphere control
  • active and passive cooling zone
  • rapid (quick) cooling zone
  • sophisticated safety concept with CE classification (with N2 purging system)
  • CFD-Simulation for process optimisation


  • reducing, with up to 100% Hydrogen
    dew point control, up to minus 50 °C (dp)
  • inert, with up to 100% Nitrogen or Argon
  • reactive atmospheres (e.g. CH4, C3H8, Water Vapor, …)
Plant description

How the hybrid kiln works

For transport through the hybrid kiln, the products are placed either on carrier plates or in capsules / saggars, the so-called ‘kiln furniture’. These can be either made of metallic, ceramic or praphite material. The kiln furniture (KF) holding the product is then pushed into the entrance double door lock via an automatic pushing device. After the atmosphere has been changed, through either simple purging or evacuation, the product is conveyed in front of the pushing machine. The pusher pusher the roduct through the furnace until it reaches the Double Door Hot Sluice and the roller conveyor.

The hybrid kiln has a modular design. Because of that design, the heat treatment process can comprise up to five partial steps. In a first heating zone, a debinding process can take place. In a second heating zone a sintering process can take place at up to 1600 °C. In a third heating zone with a controlled atmosphere, a carbonation process, for example, can take place at up to 1200 °C. For the next step an indirect cooling zone can be connected, which cools the product down to approx. 500–800 °C. The Double Door Hot Sluice described above divides the indirect from the direct cooling zone. In front of the Double Door Hot Sluice, the product conveyor changes from the push-through to the roller kiln principle. The direct cooling zone can be designed for quick cooling, to create extreme cooling gradients. Cooling times of a few minutes from 800 °C to below 200 °C are possible and can be used for hardening powder-metal components, for example. The abrupt cooling can be done in an atmosphere of nitrogen or other protective gases. Finally, a further cooling zone is added to cool the products down to the final temperature of below 60 °C.

The product is conveyed to the outside through a gas-tight exit double door lock. If needed, a fully automated return line conveys the porducts and kiln furniture to the unloading and loading station. They can also be fully automated.


Our services

Consulting, service, furnace construction and much more.
Just because every customer has special requirements.

Together with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your request.

  • definition of the scope of delivery
  • design of the system based on your specifications
  • configuration of the system from standardised components, customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept
  • preparation of the offer
  • design, production and testing of the system in our factory
  • shipping, assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location around the globe
  • preparation of the plant documentation and the CE declaration of conformity
  • oroduction support
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs, measurements

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!


Our references

Satisfied customers through successful and long-standing partnerships

Our many customers from the medical ceramics, powder metallurgy and automotive industries confirm the reliability and production safety of our industrial furnaces.

Hybrid Kiln for sintering of powder metal parts

Dates & Facts

  • customer: European customer 
  • product: powder metal parts
  • type: modularized hybrid kiln with reducing, reactive and inert atmosphere
  • year of construction: 2018
Hybrid Kiln for sintering of powder metal parts

Dates & Facts

  • customer: Chinese customer
  • product: Powder Metal parts
  • type: modularized hybrid kiln with automated return conveyor system and Manufacturing Execution System
  • year of construction: 2020
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