Apprenticeship & Internship at ONEJOON

Start your career right

Professional vocational training has a long tradition at ONEJOON!
For decades we have been supporting young people in their entry into professional life in a practical way.

The vocational training takes place at our Headquarter in Bovenden.
Parallel to a solid basic training, our trainees work on real customer orders in different departments and thus get to know the practice step by step.

Internship - Your start into the professional world!

To make it easier for you to decide on the right apprenticeship or the right course of study, we offer you the opportunity to get a taste of your field of interest during an internship or a career exploration.

Experience the training professions on offer at first hand and get to know the company, our trainees, our students and the training team.

Are you interested in an internship at ONEJOON? 
Then contact us now and get an overview about our company!

Why ONEJOON is your perfect training company?

Your benefits

  • practical and varied training
  • experienced and motivated training team
  • inter-professional teamwork
  • individual personal training
  • exciting tasks and challenges
  • flexible training with optimal organization
  • 30 days holiday and Flexitime
  • training with success! pass rate = 100%
  • good takeover opportunity after training 


Find the job that fits to you!

Apprenticeship as Industrial Clerk (m/f/d)

Are you interested in organization and control of business processes in a company and do you enjoy using a PC?

Then take a look at the training profile of the Industrial Clerks now!

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Apprenticeship as Information Technology Assistant (m/f/d)

You know a lot about hardware and software and want to be the link between the requirements of the specialist departments and the implementation of IT systems?

Then take a look at the training profile of the Information Technology Assistants now!

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Apprenticeship as Technical Product Designer/ Machine and Plant Constructor (m/f/d)

Would you like to become the developer of high-quality industrial furnaces and use 3D models and documentation to design all components and assemblies down to the smallest detail?

Then take a look at the training profile of the technical product designer or machine and plant constructor now!

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Apprenticeship as Technical System Planner/Electrotechnical Systems (m/f/d)

Would you like to use electrotechnical systems, such as CAD programs, to produce drawings and technical documentation in preparation for the production and electrical installations of industrial furnaces?

Then take a look at the training profile of the Technical Systems Planner now!

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Apprenticeship as Electronic Technician for Industrial Engineering (m/f/d)

Are you interested in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical operating, production and process systems?

Then take a look at the training profile of the electronic technician for industrial engineering now!

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Apprenticeship as Mechatronics Engineer (m/f/d)

Are you interested in both mechanics and electronics? On the one hand, you want to assemble, install and maintain technical equipment, on the other hand, you want to weld metals and design circuits?

Then take a look at the training profile of the mechatronics technician now!

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Apprenticeship as Industrial Mechanic (m/f/d)

You would like to manufacture components and assemblies for machines and production facilities and set them up or rebuild them? You could imagine monitoring and continuously optimizing production processes and at the same time carrying out repair and maintenance tasks?

Then take a look at the training profile of the industrial mechanic now!

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Apprenticeship as Specialist for Warehouse Logistics (m/f/d)

Are you interested in logistic processes, such as receiving, controlling and proper storage of goods? You would like to arrange, load and ship deliveries and participate in the optimization of logistic processes?

Then take a look at the training profile of the warehouse logistics specialist now!

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Training as Metal worker specializing in construction technology (m/f/d/)

Working with metal is exactly your thing? Are you interested in cutting, welding and screwing metal constructions of all kinds and sizes?

Then take a look at the training profile metal worker in the field of construction technology!

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