Purchasing ONEJOON GmbH

Due to our worldwide activities, it is particularly important for purchasing to constantly expand our global network of reliable and qualified suppliers.

As a globally active organization we seek our supply partners in a variety of markets and branches. Our suppliers are selected not only on the basis of prices and quality. Other aspects, such as technological competence, reliability, logistics and environmental awareness are also taken into account through a specific assessment system awarding credit points (bonus/malus system).

We also expect our suppliers to comply with the quality and environmental management standards relevant to us. We give preference to environmentally friendly products in order to avoid or reduce solid and liquid waste or emissions.

Purchasing Conditions and Documents

  • Allgemeine Einkaufsbedingungen 03/20 (deutsch) Download
  • General Purchasing Conditions 03/20 (english) Download

General Terms and Conditions

  • Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen 03/20 (deutsch) Download
  • General Terms and Conditions 03/20 (english) Download
  • Ergänzende Handelsbedingungen 03/20 (deutsch) Download
  • Supplementary Trade Terms 03/20 (english) Download

Health and Safety Management

  • Sicherheitshandbuch für Fremdfirmen und Besucher (deutsch) Download
  • Safety Manual for External Companies (english) Download



Jennifer Stähle

Jennifer Stähle

Team Leader Purchasing Department

+49 7031 78-1392



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