Our engineers are committed to providing you with made-to-measure thermal processing solutions. Our specialists analyze your requirements and develop high-quality systems that will serve you well today and in the future. You can depend on the expertise of our skilled employees, and on our immense hands-on experience as an oven manufacturer. Whatever you challenge, we can deliver the best solution.

Carbon Fiber & Felts

Carbon Fiber & Felts

  • Oxidation Ovens
  • Carbonization Furnaces
  • Graphitization Furnaces
  • Pyrolysis Furnaces
  • Integrated Processing Lines
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Battery Materials

Battery Materials

  • Roller Hearth and Pusher Kilns for Cathode Active and Anode Material
  • Automatic Return Conveyor and Saggar Handling Systems
  • Process Equipment and Material Handling Systems for Battery Powder Production
  • Rotary Kilns for Low Temperature Applications
  • Process Engineering and EPC Turnkey Project
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Blade Strips & Saw Bands

Blade Strips & Saw Bands

  • Coil-to-Coil Pull Through Furnaces for Hardening and Tempering of Saw Bands and Blade Strips
  • Continuous Furnace Plants for Soft Coating of Blades with PTFE
Sintered Ceramics & Metals

Sintered Ceramics & Metals

Roller Hearth-, Tunnel-, Shuttle and Pusher Kilns for

  • Sintering of Powder Metals and Metal Injection Molded Parts
  • Debindering and Sintering of Filters, Honeycombs and Electroceramics
  • High Performance Ceramics
Aluminium Wheels & Structure Parts

Aluminium Wheels & Structure Parts

  • Roller Hearth and Pusher Furnaces for aluminum wheel heat treatment
  • Heat treatment plants for aluminum structure parts and non-ferrous metals
Powders & Advanced Materials

Powders & Advanced Materials

Rotary Kilns and customized Continuous and Discontinuous Furnaces for

  • Metal powders and catalyst materials
  • High Performance Graphite, Nanomaterials and Composites
  • Fuel Cells and Brand New Applications

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