Strategic investor ONEJOON Co. Ltd. from Korea at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference Europe

Strategic investor ONEJOON Co. Ltd. from Korea

The new owner of the business operations is Onejoon Thermal Solutions GmbH, based in Bovenden (Lower Saxony), a subsidiary of ONEJOON Co., Ltd., Korea.
ONEJOON is a mechanical engineering company that among other things specializes in the manufacture of furnaces for processing cathode and anode materials in the lithium-ion battery industry. The transfer of business operations will take place on January 15, 2020. Both sites (Böblingen and Bovenden) and all of the 200 employees will be transferred to Onejoon Thermal Solutions GmbH.

"Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG" specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of industrial furnaces for the production of various materials. As a subsidiary of the Eisenmann Group, the company had to file for bankruptcy in early August 2019. However, Eisenmann Thermal Solutions is not part of the Eisenmann Group's core business, so Exner has implemented a separate investor solution for this company.

Exner had continued Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG business in full since the application for insolvency and pushed ahead with the restructuring of the business. "The fact that this was successful is primarily thanks to the employees who have remained loyal to their company with full commitment over the past few months," emphasized Exner, managing partner of the law firm Dr. Beck & Partner.

The new company ONEJOON GmbH will carry on the same product portfolio in the same markets for thermal solutions. The company will work in close relationship with ONEJOON Co. Ltd., Korea.


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