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Powders & Advanced Materials Anode Active Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries Kilns and Furnaces for the production of natural graphite, artificial graphite and silicon-carbon composites
Powders & Advanced Materials Towards higher energy density & faster charging ONEJOON industrial kilns enable the production of next-generation silicon-anode batteries

Anode Active Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries

ONEJOON has experience with industrial furnaces in graphite and carbon production for decades

Lithium-ion batteries have a pivotal role in shaping our future life. They are not only crucial in everyday electronic devices and consumer gadgets but they will also tremendously change our way of mobility in electric vehicles (EVs) or in E-scooters. This is due to their perfect rechargeability, adequate power density, and outstanding energy density.

The key component is graphite, that serves as a lithium-ion host structure for the negative electrode (commonly called the Anode). Researchers and companies worldwide are eager to find new materials, improving power and energy density, while maintaining the excellent cycling stability of graphite. However, natural and synthetic graphite (with an approx. fifty-fifty market share) are still the major anode materials in commercially available lithium-ion batteries. So obviously graphite and it’s composites is supposed to remain the suitable material as lithium-ion intercalation host in commercially available Lithium-ion batteries in future.

Relatively new and still under extensive research are silicone-carbon composites as active material for the negative electrode. However, they are about to reach commercialization within a very short time period.

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Final product

Basically, there are two different types of graphites:

  • natural graphite – excavated in mines and
  • synthetic graphite – made out of a mixture of carbon based raw materials in a heat treatment process

Both types are used for anode materials in lithium-ion batteries. In the following text you can find a detailed list of anode materials that ONEJOON has experience with and a short classification.

Natural graphite

  • refined natural graphite
  • graphite coating (e. g. with pitch)

Syntethic Graphite

  • graphite
  • high porosity graphite
  • carbon Nanotubes
  • conductive carbon additives
  • graphenes
  • silicone-carbon composites / carbon composites

All of these materials demand different production processes. The traditional Acheson process, for example, which is used to graphitize cokebased carbons, is very energy intense and comes with a strong environmental impact. It takes days of process time and quality control is difficult.

ONEJOON has aimed its efforts to support companies who develop advanced anode materials based on modern raw materials and processes thus reducing the carbon foot print and increasing material quality.

Raw Materials

In the Refinement of natural graphite ONEJOON has experience with the following feedstocks:

  • natural graphite
  • coal tar / pitch as binder

In Synthetic Production of graphite, additives and Si-carbon composites ONEJOON is specialized on processes on the base of the following materials:

  • from coke / petrol coke / pitch
  • coal tar / pitch as binder
  • from both, natural and synthetic polymers
  • from the gas phase

Hereby we are used handle also toxic and carcinogenic raw materials and products.

Thermal Processes

ONEJOON references include solutions for the following processes:

Under utilization of the following atmospheres:

  • nitrogen
  • hydrogen
  • CO2
  • water Vapor
  • hydrocarbon Gases (e.g. CH4, C2H4,...)
  • other special atmospheres

Our scope of delivery also includes various support processes:

  • product Handling and Conveyors
  • milling
  • mixing of materials
  • graining
  • pressing
  • drying
  • baking up to 1000°C
  • quality control
  • exhaust gas treatment
Graphite and Carbon for anode materials

Did you know?

ONEJOON has successfully delivered more than 1,000 plants to customers worldwide. Do you need support in planning and implementing your individual furnace system?

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Plant engineering

Furnace plants for the continuous and discontinuous operation

ONEJOON offers the full scope of Kilns and Furnaces for continuous and discontinuous operation. With our gas tight systems we can run almost every atmosphere you can think of.

Common kilns and furnaces for active anode materials:

In close consideration of throughput, process stability, Investment Costs, Total Costs of Ownership or redundancy we discuss the right kiln type for your purpose.

More detailed information about our kiln types you will find under Kilns & Furnaces.

Traditionally ONEJOON is a Turn-Key kiln supplier. The efficient integration of our furnaces is therefore a top priority. Together with our customers' production managers we discuss and develop an integrated automation- and conveyor concept, starting from simple but fully automated return tracks up to data based single product tracking solutions.

Our Kilns and Furnaces can run under the following atmospheres:

  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • CO2
  • Water Vapor
  • Hydrocarbon Gases (e.g. CH4, C2H4,...)
  • Other special atmospheres
Rotary Kiln ONEJOON 890x480

Our services

Individual furnace systems for chemical powders and granulates

Because every customer has special requirements

You are running a small series production but you want to develop a sustainable large scale production process?
ONEJOON is your partner for process improvement and upscaling from laboratory into industrial production. Learn more.

You already have a clear specification and a clear idea of your future furnace system. 
Then please check our Services listed below. 

Together with you, we work out the optimal solution for your active material. Worldwide.

  • selection of the suitable plant concept and furnace type
  • defining the scope of delivery
  • design of the plant size based on your specification
  • configuration of the system from standardized components, customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept
  • creating the offer
  • design and project management by our specialists
  • shipping worldwide
  • assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location
  • management and supervision of the installation by German specialists
  • commissioning and process adjustment by our process engineers
  • preparation of the operating and maintenance instructions and the CE conformity declaration
  • production support, if desired
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!

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Our references

Satisfied customers – the best proof of successful cooperation

Our reference list contains kilns, furnaces and the corresponding process equipment for all relevant anode materials:

  • refined natural graphite
  • artificial (synthetic graphite)
  • carbon based additives
  • silicone-carbon composites

"We delivered our furnaces to Asia, North America and Europe – now we are excited for your anode material production challenge!"

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Process upscaling and improvement

from laboratory scale to industrial production read more
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Test Center

Development and optimisation of heat treatment processes read more
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Sophisticated furnace solutions with the aid of CFD simulations read more
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