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Industrial furnaces ONEJOON Pusher Slab Kiln For highest demands on throughput and temperature homogeneity in continuous processes

Pusher Slab Kiln

Continuous furnace technology for high-performance materials

The ideal solution for precise and reliable mass production

The Pusher Slab Kiln from ONEJOON is the ideal solution for processes with high production capacity and strict requirements when it comes to temperature homogeneity. In addition, our Pusher Slab Kilns offer extensive control of the relevant process parameters. With a Pusher Slab Kiln, it is possible to scale up the technically demanding processes developed in a small scale without having to accept compromises in process precision (such as temperature control or comparative moderation). The modern ONEJOON Pusher Slab Kiln is energy-efficient and requires little production space. This significantly reduces not only the investments required, but also the operating costs.

For processes with high demands on gas feed and gas flow control, such as debinding or calcination, the Pusher Slab Kiln offers a modern system for gas preheating and controlled gas flow. Depending on atmospheric conditions and process temperatures, the Pusher Slab Kilns can be heated either electrically or with gas. Application temperatures of up to 2000 °C can be achieved. Both direct and indirect cooling or even active gas cooling with or without chemical influence on the product are possible. ONEJOON's high performance Pusher Slab Kilns have been developed on the basis of numerous simulation studies and experimental validations in close cooperation with end users.




Processes of Pusher Slab Kiln

With ONEJOON pusher plate kilns different processes can be mapped.

These include, for example: 

Plant engineering

The Pusher Slab Kiln in detail

Electrically heated Pusher Slab Kiln in modular design
  • Schleuse 443x400

    With and without vacuum generation

    • gastight and corrosion resistant
    • Suitable for large format loading
    • robust and contamination-free
    • temperature resistant up to 600 °C

    For optimal atmosphere exchange in the shortest possible time.

  • Achieving targets with power and precision

    Depending on the loading and process time, this is realizable with:

    • electric spindle pushing machine
    • hydraulic pushing machine

    While the electric pusher is suitable for precise setting of multiple speeds, the hydraulic pusher scores points for its high pushing power.

  • Full power up to 1650 °C with gas burners

    Depending on the atmosphere and temperature in the Pusher Slab Kiln, this can be realized with or without radiant tubes.


    • maximum temperature homogeneity
    • oxygen content adjustable (Low O2)
    • supports heat and mass transfer by convection
  • Protecting process areas with muffles

    Depending on the temperature and atmosphere, metallic or ceramic muffles can be installed in our Pusher Slab Kilns. The most important advantages of a muffle are:

    • limitation of contamination and dust drop
    • locally improved temperature homogeneity
    • more precise local adjustment and saving of process gas
  • Full power with electric heating elements

    Depending on the atmosphere and temperature feasible with:

    • metallic elements
    • SiC elements
    • MoSi2 elements

    Electrical heating elements are best suited for special atmospheres and contamination-sensitive systems.

  • The heat is provided 

    Active or passive gas preheating in different versions are possible:

    • up to furnace temperature
    • centralized or decentralized
    • metal-free heating and injection systems

    A process gas preheater supports rapid heating and prevents thermal stress on the product.

  • Integration into your production

    • pipeline design
    • integration of TNV / RNV or further off-gas post treatment steps
  • Full cooling power to reduce the cycle time

    Direct, indirect and chemically active cooling systems can be installed:

    • specially optimisable through simulation studies
    • reuse of gas and heat possible
    • metal-free supply systems
Plant description

How the Pusher Slab Kiln works

The furnace load is conveyed through the furnace by a hydraulic pusher or by an electric pusher with a spindle drive. For this purpose, the load is first stacked on a pusher plate and then positioned in front of the respective pusher head. Up to 15 tons of material can be pushed in a single push row. The high pushing forces are absorbed by a suitable design of the bricks in the kilns base. Thus there is no risk of accidents due to high friction. If the process is to take place in a certain atmosphere, loading is carried out through an enterance airlock into the furnace, where an atmosphere exchange takes place. In this case, the positioning of the load is also done within the airlock and the push head is guided through the airlock wall with the help of special seals.

In the heating area, the load is heated by means of heating elements or gas burners according to the required temperature profile. The type, design and dimensions of the heaters or burners can vary depending on the application. It is possible to feed dosed preheated process gas through locally installed nozzles.

The furnace is designed in segmental construction so that the process steps of heating, holding and cooling can be shortened or lengthened as required. Between each furnace segment there are separating baffles which minimize thermal and atmospheric influence from the adjacent segments. Each segment can be connected to the higher-level supply or exhaust gas system by its own injection and extraction pipes.

After heating, the load can be cooled directly or indirectly. With direct cooling, it is possible to reuse a large part of the cooling medium in a closed circuit. After cooling, the load is conveyed outside, either through an exit airlock or through a normal furnace door.

Overview of Pusher Slab Kilns from ONEJOON

Advantages at a glance

  • excellent temperature homogeneity
  • very high throughput
  • excellent gas flow
  • process gas preheating up to 800 °C
  • low space requirement, compact layout
  • designed in modular construction
  • maximum energy efficiency
  • high temperature sintering up to 1,800 °C

Technical highlights

  • high gas tightness
  • enterance and exit airlocks up to 600 °C
  • gas preheating systems
  • gas or electric heating
  • heat treatment of very heavy loads possible
  • modern and flexible cooling
  • enormous savings in production costs and space
  • CFD simulation to optimise the air flow

Our services

Consulting, service, furnace construction and much more.
Just because every customer has special requirements.

Together with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your request.

  • CFD-Simulations and trials in our test center
  • engineering
  • definition of the scope of delivery
  • design of the system based on your specifications
  • configuration of the system from standardised components, customer-specific adaptations
  • presentation of the plant concept
  • preparation of the offer
  • design, production and testing of the system in our factory
  • shipping, assembly, commissioning and acceptance of the plant at your location around the globe
  • preparation of the plant documentation and the CE declaration of conformity
  • production support
  • services: plant maintenance, spare parts, repairs, measurements
  • network to adjacent processes

We are looking forward to your request, contact us today!


Our references

Satisfied customers through successful and long-term partnerships

Our list of reference projects from the electro-ceramics as well as the automotive sector shows the reliability and production safety of ONEJOON Pusher Slab Kilns.

Some References for Pusher Slab Kilns (Ceramic and Non-Ceramic)
European electronic company (Czech Republic, Austria, China): 20 Kilns for Varistors and semiconductors
powder producer (Germany): 2 Kilns for Metal Powder
European Company (Switzerland): Kiln for Varistors
confinetial (Germany): 2 Kilns for carbon fiber chips
powder producer (France): 1 Kiln for Tungstencarbide
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