Onejoon Co. Ltd. - Korea Head Office

Onejoon Co. Ltd. - Korea

Sanup-ro 174-29 • Suwon city • South Korea 18329

Onejoon Co., Ltd. is a mechanical engineering company based in Suwon and Hwaseong, South Korea, whose primary market is the production of high temperature furnace systems including the required material handling and process technology for the treatment of cathode and anode material in lithium-ion batteries.

The company was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Lee. Since then it is a family-owned company with its current CEO Mr. Sung Je Lee, son of the founder. Onejoon Korea has supplied over 100 high performance roller hearth kilns and continuous furnaces to customers in the industry of electric and electronic devices & parts, lithium-ion battery materials, advanced ceramics.

Based on the successful supply of furnaces, Onejoon Korea has provided turn-key solutions of powder process engineering services for battery materials production by optimizing the capacity & performance with furnace & powder process. Onejoon Korea has extensive references within the Korean and Chinese markets and claims to be technology leader for high-end battery kilns. Onejoon Korea has a sales of 60 Million € in 2019.

ONEJOON GmbH – Germany Head Office

ONEJOON GmbH – Germany

Leinetal / Auf der Mauer 1 • 37120 Bovenden • Germany
(former Ruhstrat and Eisenmann Thermal Solutions)

ONEJOON GmbH is a German thermal processing equipment manufacturer with locations in Bovenden and Boeblingen (Germany). Onejoon acquired Eisenmann Thermal Solutions and the new company has a combinded 120 years of experience with high temperature equipment used in the thermal processing industry. The ONEJOON GmbH has 210 employees in its German locations.

Onejoon Office Böblingen
Onejoon Office Böblingen
Onejoon is the technology and market leader for furnaces, kilns and ovens in different key markets. The company supplies not only customized furnace technology but can also provide all supporting equipment and services.

The roots of the company go back into the 19th century, when company Ruhstrat, the predecessor of ONEJOON GmbH, was founded in 1888. In 1896 already, the first high temperature furnace (3000°C) was built. In 2015 the furnace business unit of Eisenmann and Ruhstrat were merged to the Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG being then one of the biggest furnace suppliers worldwide. Eisenmann Thermal Solutions had a turnover of approx. 70 Million € in 2018.

Company History

1888: Company Ruhstrat founded in Göttingen, Germany

1896: 1st High Temperature Kiln (3000C) built by Ruhstrat

1951: Eisenmann founded in Stuttgart, Germany

1976: Eisenmann acquires US Furnace Manufacturer Temtec Allied

2000: Onejoon Korea founded in Suwon / South Korea

2008: Start of co-operation between Eisenmann and Ruhstrat

2008: Onejoon Korea moved to & registered in Hwaseong / South Korea

2015: Merger of Eisenmann’s Business Unit (Process and High Temperature Technology) and Ruhstrat to Eisenmann Thermal Solutions

2016: Start of cooperation between Onejoon Korea and Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) based on a cooperation agreement

2018: Joint Order & Execution for a large-scale battery material project in Asia (battery kilns and process equipment)

2019: Foundation of Joint Venture “Eisenmann Thermal Solutions (Zhejiang) Co. Ltd.” in China between Onejoon Korea and Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

2020: Onejoon Korea acquires Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG


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